Press Check '04

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The state park had this beach on Lake Michigan. It was so odd to see snow on a beach.

It was a pretty day.

More snow on the beach.

Between the beach and the water, there was about an 8-foot stretch of ice. The water was pretty slushy too.

We walked to the lighthouse. It was at the top of this steep staircase.

Me in front of the lighthouse.

A view of the port from the lighthouse.

Back to the plant. John checked his e-mail wile we waited for the press to be ready.

After dinner we went next door to the bowling alley/bar.

Steve. John and Martha tried their hand at bowling.

John chilling out in-between frames.

This is the best shot I could get of the scores. Once everyone was finished, it showed all of the frames and it was too small to photograph.

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