Vegas Anniversary Trip

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We arrived in Vegas Thursday night! Yea!

These little dolls are kind of the mascots of Bill's work. They take photos of them in different places. Click HERE to see the other photos of them in Vegas.

As always, we have to go look at the tigers. There are more pictures HERE.

And we checked out the lobby aquarium on the way out of the hotel.

We were headed to see my company's booth at SEMA. It was the last day and I hadn't seen the new booth. We parked at the Hilton and walked. We've been to the Hilton several times but we've never seen this statue of Elvis. I guess we always drive and the parking lot is around the side of the hotel.

A close-up of the plaque.

We finally made it to the show.

Our booth!

You can kind of see the girls, to the left, signing calendars.

They ran out of calendars as we got there.

A little more of the booth.

We kind of walked around.

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