Puerto Vallarta Trip '02

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  The vacation started out a little less than ideal. We woke up an hour and a half too early because someone (not Kris) didn't check our flight time and just went for the time he thought we left. Then we got to the airport and our flight was cancelled because the incoming plane was delayed by weather and immigration didn't want to wake up early and come in to meet the plane ( the same thing happened to Kris' folks on the way back) and there were 5 people on the plane.
   There was a direct flight on American available an hour later so, after the guy told us the weather was "really, really bad over there" but "have a nice vacation," we took the train from Terminal E to Terminal A. The people at the American counter very nicely looked at the weather conditions in Puerto Vallarta, it wasn't bad.
   The train ride took a looooong time. We decided to just roll with it and have fun.
  Finally in Puerto Vallarta! We stayed at La Jolla de Mismaloya. This is the lobby. It's built right by where the movie The Night of the Iguana was filmed with Richard Burton, Ava Gardner and Deborah Kerr.
   This is a fountain right outside of the lobby. They told us there were 3 iguanas that lived in the rocks and shrubs. We only saw one.
   The view of the pool and ocean from our room. Notice how very few people were there.
   Mom and Dad got there about an hour after we did. We were all starving so we went to eat.

I think we sat at this same table almost every morning when we came for breakfast. It's right by the beach.

We went back to the room, changed and went swimming for the rest of the day.

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