Our Glen Rose Getaway


We wanted to get away for the weekend. A friend recommended we go to the Lilly House, a Bed & Breakfast in Glen Rose, Texas (http://www.lillyhouse.com)

Here's the front porch.


A trail on the side of the house leading to the front.


A pretty side porch.


This is the garden that lead to our room.

Kris petting Zorro and Patches.


We stayed in the "Treetop Room".

The other side of the room.


Saturday afternoon we went to the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center (http://www.fossilrim.com). You can drive through and feed the animals. This is a Blackbuck.


This is a male Fallow Deer.


Here's some Axis Deer.


This Ostrich followed us for a long time.


This is an Addax (anteloupe)

They're hard to see but these are some common Eland. 


This Grant's Zebra REALLY wanted some food.


This Giraffe wasn't far behind the Zebra.


Our traditional self photo at the visitor's center.

 This Barbary ram was nice enough to pose before he stuck his head in the window to get food...


...unlike this giraffe who didn't want to wait for his food

And we thought Daisy had a long tongue!. 


He was very persistent.


We had a real hard time getting rid of this Emu.


First, this Llama wouldn't move out of the road. Once he did, he wasn't too interested in food. He just stared.

The last of our food went to the Ostriches. 


There were a LOT of turtles in the Koi pond.


The Koi were scary. They had to be 2-3 feet long.

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