2013 Big Adventure

Leaving/Miami/Dusseldorf/Florence - P.1

DFW airport

Day 1: Our flight left from the cool, new, international terminal.

airport waiting

We look awake but our flight left at 5:45 am.

airport waiting

Really trying to stay awake!

miami bound

Off to Miami! It was going to be a long day of travelling.

miami airport

We had a long layover in Miami. When we ate lunch, Bill was really happy that they carded him!

Dusseldorf coffee

We left Miami at 3:55 pm and arrived at Dusseldorf at 6:50 am. We had another long layover so we got some coffee.

Dusseldorf airport smile

The smile ad cracked us up. It got longer when the walkway expanded.


On the way to Florence!

Florence arrival

The statue wearing underwear cracked us up!

Happy to be in Florence.

Florence airport

Villa Campestri

We picked up our rental car and drove to the Villa Campestri Olive Oil Resort where we were staying for a couple of days.

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