Disney '08

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The ride took our faces and showed it in different scenes after we clicked on our interests. Here's us in our future car.

And here's us diving to our future house.

We e-mailed a postcard of us from the future to our firends!

These bird from Finding Nemo were funny. They were animatronic.

Here they are on the rocks. The water sprayed every once in a while.

Going in to the Finding Nemo ride.

It was a really cute ride.

And pretty!

After the ride was the aquariums. We always go see the manatees.

There were two. Bock and Lou.

It was hard taking pictures of the aquariums. I liked the Mickey at the bottom of this one.

There's a diver on the left-hand side of the picture feeding the fish. The fish were swarming around her.

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