Cozumel 2012

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Cozume; Bill Kris Pool

We got to Cozumel on Friday afternoon, checked in, put our dive stuff away and headed for the pool!

Cozume; Noah Beth Tonya Pool

Everyone was way ahead of us.

Cozumel Fiesta Americana

It was a beautiful day!

Cozumel Fiesta Americana

We stayed at the same place we always stay, Fiesta Americana.

Pina Colada Kris

Yes! Pina Colada by the pool!

Gary Pina Coladas

Gary agrees!

Kris Beth

Ready to go out before dinner!

Tonya Noah

A great one of Tonya and Noah!

Tonya Beth

And Beth and Tonya

Kris Beth Tonya

All of the girls!

Tonya Noah

After the day at the pool we went to Sorrisi for dinner.

Bill Kris Sorrisi

A good one of us!

Sorrisi Francis Rick

Francis and Rick (with photobomb by Tonya)

Gary Beth Sorrisi

Gary and Beth!

Noah Bill Soriri

A fantastic shot of Noah and Bill!

The food was so good! I had shrimp with pear and cheese pasta (very simplified description).

Sorrisi Lobster Lasagna

Bill had this fantastic lobster lasagna.

Cozumel Night

Can't wait to dive tomorrow!

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