Cozumel '09

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Our waitress.

This girl came over to talk for a while. She worked for the SPCA in Cozumel.

It was a fun night

Next morning, We had to get up early to pack, eat breakfast and get to the airport.

Leaving the hotel.

We got to the airport and the line was LONG! Apparently they were having computer problems so they weren't checking anyone in. We were in line for 3 hours.

The line slowly moved. We got lucky that it stopped so we could sit in some chairs. Brent is showing us some of his pictures.

Nasser and Lee left their luggage in line and sat in chairs. They got up to move their luggage as the line moved. Smart!

We all finally got through the line and we had to immediately get on the plane to take off for home. It was a great trip!


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