Bill's Blackduck Trip

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I had a project for work which sent me to Blackduck, Minnesota for a few days. This small town is located 163 miles northwest of Fargo, North Dakota. Blackduck sits at the northwest edge of the Chippewa National Forest: 1.6 million acres of forest lands, over 700 lakes, numerous trails and waterways, and home to the largest bald eagle breeding population in the lower 48 states. This big black duck was located in the Municipal Park.

Blackduck is located only 75 miles south of Canada.

The main grocery store in Blackduck. We ordered made-to-order sub sandwiches at the deli, two out of the three days we were there.

On the first day, we decided to eat our lunch in the woods. On the way to eat lunch in Pine Tree park.

We ate out on this deck overlooking the lake.

Mike's unpacking the lunch from the trunk. A cooler full of good stuff to enjoy!

A view from the dock. It made lunch taste even better!

After lunch we played 9 holes at the town's golf course.

It's not too far from the parking lot to the first tee.
About 30 feet!

It was a very nice 9 hole course.
This is the view from the first tee.

The final green on the 9th hole.

There were black duck sculptures all around town. This one is located to the side of the Fire House.

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