Bill's Shreveport Birthday Trip!

We headed out Saturday morning for Shreveport. We took Peanut and Oliver with us. Peanut came so we could giver her her insulin and Ollie was just new to us and we're training him. The hotel allowed dogs.

Oliver traveled well. He slept the whole time.

We got to the hotel. Time to take everyone out.

Oliver wanted to play too!

The room was great! We got the executive suite!

We brought the dogs' travel bowls.

Peanut found her spot right away.

Oliver found a tissue he wanted to tear up. After everyone was settled, We headed to the casino.

We went to the El Dorado casino (formerly the Hollywood Casino). They had this really great Wheel of Fortune machine. The wheel was real-sized. There were 8 stations around it. Each station had a seat for 2 people. We did great! We got the bonus spin several times and even landed on  the 1,000x tile. That gave us 5,000 nickels!

We did well on just about everything we played!

Back at the hotel late that night, counting our winnings!

The curtains were being very unwieldy.

The next morning we got up kinda early for us. Olliver wanted to play.

Once he settled, it was time to go back home.

Both dogs slept the whole way back home.

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