Born to be Wild Slot Tournament

At The Mirage

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Bill's slot team had the orange bandanas. They were the "Reel Rebels."

The last night was the final round and awards dinner. They said it was a buffet. We weren't expecting too much.

Whoa! Right when we walked in we were greeted by biker chick models with the prizes!

This is the one we wanted to win (the bike, not the girl).

They were all cool. We would have gladly taken any of them!

The set-up was amazing. You can see the live band in the background.

All of the decorations were great!

The buffet was all "biker" food. Hot dogs, chili, fried chicken, hot wings, and more. It was all fantastic!

The host was dressed like a biker chick during the tournament. The last night, she came out as Cher.

The sot machines for the final round were in the middle of the dance floor,.

Bill didn't make it to the final round. He missed it by about 1,000 points. Everyone gathered around to cheer for the finalists.

Bill dancing with the host! We had such a good time!

Last day to see the tigers.

Sunday morning...breakfast time!!!

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