Tanzania Trip

Leaving/Amsterdam - P.1

Because of a small plane ride at the end of our trip we could only take 33lbs of luggage, total. We weighed our luggage before we left.

Bill's weighed a little over 34 pounds.

Kris' next.

Way under! So we had enough leeway for souvenirs and we could move something from Bill's for the weight allowance.


Waiting at the airport to get on the plane.

After a long flight, we landed. It was raining and early in the morning in Amsterdam.

At the airport we met a private driver. He drove this big party limo.

Our hotel, The Lloyd Hotel.

The hallway inside of reception.
We couldn't check in. It was 8am and check in was at 3pm. We put our luggage in storage.

We had some coffee in the restaurant.

We got some 2-day passes for the tram and headed out!

These giant stacked tables were on the corner by the tram station.

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