9th Anniversary Florida Trip

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We flew to Florida on Friday night. We landed in Orlando around 11 p.m.

Checking phone messages before I turn it off for the rest of the weekend. 


We rented a convertible for the weekend. The weather was perfect for it! 

On Saturday, mid-morning, we got to Universal Studios. It was only a few miles from our hotel. 


 The Hard Rock Cafe at Universal Studios.

Finally up to the gates at Islands of Adventure! 


 Right inside the gates, checking the map to see which way to go.

 A few of the buildings at the entrance.


The first part of the park we came to was Seuss Landing.

The top of the carousel. Everything on the carousel moved.


Each of the animals on the carousel did different things.

They could either move their heads or blink.


The first ride we came to was The Cat in the Hat. It was a really cute ride.

Some of the scenery and bush sculptures as you exited the ride.


This was right outside The Cat in the Hat ride.

Bill was a very good sport to help out with the eggs!

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