Old Family Photos
(Kris' Family)


Here's Grandpa and Grandma Perez with Uncle Raymond and my dad (the younger one)


Here's my Great Uncle Art (right) with his army buddies.


I just liked this picture. The scoreboard says, "Smoke for Real. Smoke Chesterfield."


This is costume party given by my grandparent's social club. They're the couple in front. My parent's were there too. My dad's the skinny guy standing in the back and my mom is next to him.


Here's my dad again when he was in elementary school.


This is a wedding photo of my great grandparents (my grandmother's parents)


Here's my grandmother with my Uncle Raymond and my dad (baby).


This is my grandmother (center) with her friends in July, 1959.


Here's an older photo of my grandmother with my Uncle Raymond.


Here's my grandfather in his uniform on January 11, 1943.


My grandparents with some of their friends.


My grandfather in September, 1949.


My grandfather and a friend in September, 1949.


Here's my grandfather becoming the president of the social clubs in San Antonio.


This is my mom when she was Queen of the National Guard. The photo was taken on August 23, 1964.

Here are my grandparents at their shop, Raymond's Cleaners. 

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