Christmas '98


Alex shows us his new cowboy boots.


Waiting to open the presents.



Chuck sets up the fire engine tent.


Everyone enjoyed the shrimp.

Including Chuck.


Veronica shows off her Clifford backpack.


And Alex plays with his new "Wacky Sax"


Yummy food!

Dad Sager figures out the Barbie Dream House. 


Then we packed up the trunk to see Mom and Dad Perez.


Gary and Tomas distribute the presents.


Tomas shows off for the camera...


...I wonder where he gets it from.


Gary waits patiently to open the presents.


Tomas got a guitar...


...and Gary got a drum set. Now they can start a band.


Mom and dad open their presents.


Daphney got nervous because of all the excitement.


Laura's enjoying the festivities.


Bill helps Tomas to install new software.


Gary waits his turn to serenade us.


Bill and me at my work Christmas party.


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