Christmas '99


On Christmas Eve we went to drop off the presents for everyone in San Antonio.


Kris and Grandpa Perez

Kris with Grandpa and Grandma Perez


Then we went back to mom's house for Christmas. 


Passing out the presents.


Elmo's checking out all of the presents.


Mom & dad start to open their presents.


Gary and Tomas wasted no time opening their presents.


Mom shows off their new DVD player.

Tomas shows Kris one of his Pokemon presents.


Gary opens a pack of Pokemon cards.


Tomas shows off his new set of golf clubs.


Laura got garage door opened for her new house.


Kris shows off a new dressy blouse.


Tomas opens a pack of his Pokemon cards.

We all had a good time.


This cute reindeer has a shirt hidden inside.

Bill opens his presents..


A good picture of Bill and Laura.


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