Christmas '07

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Mom has always wanted lighted deer for Christmas. She got some this year!

She also got this really neat Christmas tree.

Playing with Oliver.

Oliver and Elmo chilling out.

Spike too!

Bill assembled his HUGE lasagna for Christmas dinner. It was higher than the turkey pan! We had to unroll the edges to get it to all stay in.

Spike loves hanging out with Laura!

Pretty Princess! We gave her a haircut that afternoon. She looks so cute!

Bill was opening a Hickory Farms basket. He poked his finger in to the plastic and it hit a small cleaver, blade up, with nothing covering the blade. It cut his finger REAL bad!

It took a really long time to get the bleeding under control. It was so bad we almost thought of going to the ER on Christmas Eve.

Oliver was cold so he changed to his sweater.

That night we celebrated Kris' birthday!

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