Overdue Celebrations Weekend

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We hadn't been to visit Mom & Dad in a long time. We came when Mom broke her ankle but before that we hadn't been here since our Christmas Cruise.

We brought our Foster Dog, Bridgette, with us. She just came to live with us that Thursday so everything was new to her. She made herself right at home.

Spike is being needy, as usual.

Everyone was really happy to be at Mom & Dad's house.

All of the boys with Bill.

Spike and Laura.

Laura brought Princess over. We hadn't seen her in a long time.

This was the first time Oliver had seen Princess. He kept his distance.

Bridgette made herself at home with the boys.

OK. The first celebration we needed to catch up on...Mother's Day. Laura got Mom these pretty blouses.

The second celebration...Father's Day!

Dad got a much-needed back massager.

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