July 4th

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Mom, Dad and Tomas got to the house in the afternoon. They swam and were back inside before we got home from work. Tomas took a little nap afterwards with Lily.

Chinese food! Yum!!!

Bill relaxing after dinner.

Daisy and Daphney very cute, sharing a bed.


Tomas is doing a little gambling.

Dad missed the Gatti vs. Mayweather fight that night. Luckily, they showed it again the next morning!

Back to the pool.

Elmo got a brand-new ball for the weekend.

Daisy blew out her knee about 2 months ago. The vet recommended water rehab. Daisy wasn't too thrilled about swimming.

Elmo's back feet get torn up jumping off the step so many times. We have to put booties on him.

We held dog races. Daisy is such a good swimmer, she won both races.

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