Halloween 2009

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Freda , the witch with the flying monkeys, won 3rd place!

Robin was a Brick House!

Don, The Pimp, won 1st place.

Edwards Scissorhands won 2nd place.

Everyone's lined up for judging.

People watching the judging.

Angela and Margaret made awesome wrestlers!

A good shot of the witch with her flying monkeys.

The Terminator looked great too!

Halloween Night. All dressed and ready for Tick-or-Treaters! I was The Scarecrow this year.

A shot with the red light. We couldn't take one with the fog. We also had the thunder and lightning machine going. It looked really good and scary!

We were a little light this year on Trick-or-treaters, especially since it was on a Saturday. We ended up with 103 kids and 2 refused to come up to the door. No kids ran away this year either. They mostly just froze, like little statues. Their parents would bring up their bags so I could give them candy. It was a really good Halloween!

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