Halloween '03

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Halloween morning. I dressed as Cruella De Vil for Halloween at work.

Bill liked me in the wig.


The art department.


Brenda was a cute Raggedy Ann.


Evelyn was Hula Girl.

Jonathan was a gorilla. 


Lisa was so cute as a scarecrow. She won the girl's costume contest.


Lynn the witch and Kathy as Madonna.


Pam was both naughty and nice.


Rick was a Dallas Star.


Kathy as Madonna and Chris as Brittney Spears.


Chris as a cross between Dennis Rodman and a Dallas Star with Tina the cheerleader.


Pete as Gene Simmons.

John with his ponytail. 


Jeremy was a great Violent J from Insane Clown Posse.


Eliud as The Tick won the men's costume contest.


Ellen was a Saint's fan with Steve, the mad scientist.


Immanuel made a cute Harry Potter.

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