Halloween '01

Eliud looks terrific as Chicago Bear great, Dick Butkus.

Ellen is Marge Simpson!


Kris as a black cat.

The art department with Steve. 


Renee made a great Mamma from Mamma's Family.


Robin was a sleepy girl.


Daniel as the Crocodile Hunter.


Steve's directing traffic.


Chris makes a lovely Renaissance Lady.


Leo is an awesome Rasta Zombie!


Bernice is a baseball player.


Lisa makes a fine bunch of grapes.


Steve and Tina in the hall.

The two kitty cats in the building. 


Brisa made a lovely Cleopatra.


Most of our aerobics class.

The pumpkin that we had standing behind the Headless Horseman. It made a great effect.


Stage 1: Here's the first version of the headless horseman costume. It's a combo of a headless cape and a Zorro costume. We're going to try to figure out how to bulk up the arms so it looks like my arms are coming out of my shoulders. I also want to figure out how to put some armour on and still be able to see. The stilts are on their way and I need some sword fighting gloves.


Stage 2: Practicing in the stilts. This is as short as the stilts go and I'm about 7 feet tall. I'm going to have to lower the headless collar by letting some of the air out so I can clear the door when the trick-or-treaters come. Bill insisted that I wear my bicycle helmet so I wouldn't knock myself out if I fell.


The day before Halloween! I think we have everything ready. I'm practicing opening the door without falling.


You can see in this picture I'm about as tall as the door.


Me outside which I'm not going to do on Halloween at all.


We took this after we shut down for the night on Halloween. We had 93 kids! It's a good picture for scale.


Kris with most of her costume off. 

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