Girl's Trip 2003!

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This was a great store called White House Black Market.

I think we all bought something there.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped for gelatto and ate it looking at the ocean.

When we got back, we broke out the aloe vera lotion. Susie and Chris got very burned.

We got ready and headed out to clubs.

A nice photo before we left.

We stayed most of the night at a place called Murphy's Irish Pub.

Girls who danced on the bar got free shots!

The band was Funkette. This is us with the lead singer, Falco.

The next day we decided to go shopping instead of heading straight for the beach. Chris is helping Susie arrange her shirt so it doesn't brush up against her sunburn.

We stopped for lunch at Mango's.

Then we headed back to the beach.

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