Easter 2002


We got to Austin late-ish Friday night. Originally we planned on getting there Saturday morning but it was supposed to rain really, really hard so, we left early. The dogs were wiped out when we got there.

On Saturday, the big event was dyeing eggs. We had glow-in-the-dark egg paints. 


All of the eggs!


Sunday morning, Laura came over early for breakfast.


Kris, the Easter bunny.


Breakfast chaos.


The bunny needs coffee.


Bill really liked this decoration. Unhappy egg people.


Getting ready to go out for the Easter egg hunt.


Watching the hunt.


Found an egg! OK, I didn't take it from the boys, it was one they passed several times so it's mine!


Tomas had a little spill.


He got right back up and found lots more eggs.


Gary did great finding eggs!

Princess was chasing a squirrel in the backyard all day. She almost caught it once!


Mom and Grandma helped count the money and candy.

So did the Easter bunny.


Dad and I were putting on the potatoes for the potato salad. There were all of these giant mutant potatoes in the bag.

Next, we had the treasure hunt for the Easter presents.


Laura and I put together a bunch of clues and the boys had to figure out where to find the next envelope until they got to the very end.

Where $20 was waiting for them! 


I thought this was a good picture of Laura and me.


Also a really good picture of Dad, Laura and me.

I really like this picture. First, Dad in jeans which is unusual and then a picture of Daisy with her tongue out. As she gets older and older, her tongue sticks out farther and farther.

Bill was dying to try on my bunny ears all day.


Everyone's peeling for the potato salad.

OK, potato salad's ready! 


Dad's carving the ham.

Check it out, they let me cook something. OK, it was the rolls but I still cooked.


Everyone's ready to eat! Yummy! 

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