Easter '01


The whole gang...Susie, Kris and Chris plus Chance.


Travis, Chance and Susie with one coming very soon!


Chris. Keith didn't get a chance to make it to lunch.


Chance and Travis!


Elmo and Princess wait to go outside for the Easter Egg Hunt.


Gary and Tomas look through their baskets left by the Easter Bunny.


They also got 102 Dalmatians.


Now on to the Easter Egg Hunt!!! Gary finds an egg!


And so does Tomas!


Gary's checking out his eggs. They either had candy or money!


Tomas counts his money.


Gary checks out how much he found!


Now to the Treasure Hunt to find another present!

Here's Peanut having a great time. She loves to pick up anything she can carry. Then she taunts the other dogs so they come play with her.

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