Christmas '05

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We rented a car to take some desks and our kitchen table to Laura and the boys.

The car company messed up and, instead of getting a cargo van, they had to scramble to get us a truck. We got it late Friday night so we packed it up in the morning.

It was an extended cab but it still left little space for the pups.

It was Spike's first ride in a car without being in his crate. He spent a lot of time trying to kiss us.

Sine we had to get back to work right after Christmas, we celebrated Kris' birthday on the 24th.

Laura put on the candles...only 6.

Singing "Happy Birthday."

Make a wish!

Some really great earrings from Mom & Dad!

A bunch of lotions from Laura and the boys!

A new Sirius radio with song playback from Bill!

Cutting the cake. Red Velvet cake! Yum!

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